Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Grow, bloom, die: The curious case of Agave Americana

Not so long ago,  I was talking to one of our regular guests, Mrs. Moores about a particular species of cactus and the long stamen that was growing from the center of the plant. I told Mrs. Moores I would take some pictures of it in case when they come again in august the flowering season have already finished.

June 3rd.

June 27th.

July 12th.

July 22nd. 

 Agave Americana in bloom

Originally from Mexico, the agave now grows across the world in similar growth conditions: a sunny and dry climate, and well-drained soil. There are a few of them at the entrance of the Hotel.

Although it is called the century plant, it typically lives only 10 to 30 years. It has a spread of about 6–10 ft (1.8–3.0 m) with gray-green leaves of 3–5 ft (0.9–1.5 m) long, each with a prickly margin and a heavy spike at the tip that can pierce to the bone. Near the end of its life, the plant sends up a tall, branched stalk, laden with yellow blossoms, that may reach a total height of up to 25–30 ft (8–9 m) tall.

In the wild, agave plants flower at the age of between 10 and 25 years. After that, the parent plant will die, but not before leaving behind some genetically identical 'pups'.

In Mexico drinks are made by cutting off the flower head and collecting the rising sap - as much as 1000 litres per plant! The sap is then fermented into a drink called pulque, and can then be distilled to make the spirit mescal (a related plant, the blue agave, is used to produce tequila).

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The Torelló settlement was one of the largest in the municipal area of Maó. It is especially well known for the spectacular talaiot (called the Talayot of Torellonet Vell) which is interesting because at the top of the tower you can still see the original doorway and the lintel above it, both of which date from the Talayotic period (1000-700 B.C.).

Monday, July 13, 2015


It would be difficult to think of an island more suited to sea kayaking than Menorca.

 With warm seas, pristine beaches, good weather, and plenty of sheltered coves to pull in and take a rest, the island is a perfect place for a short paddle or a far longer expedition. Many of the untouched virgin beaches can only be accessed from the sea, and so Menorca kayaking is a sure way to find that empty white stretch of sand even in the height of the summer season.

Mahon harbour, the Lazaret Island and La Mola beyond it

kayaking around Calan Porter rocky cliffs

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sa Cova d'en Xoroi

Chill out afternoon at a unique place...

These rocks, scented by the sea air, guard with their imposing beauty the legend of a love story.

Xoroi, a man from an unknown past, came from the sea, nobody knows how, perhaps the sole survivor from some shipwreck, and found refuge in the cave.

Then, the surrounding houses in the countryside were often robbed. From one of these houses, a young woman about to be married disappeared.The months and the years went by...

Nothing more was known of the missing girl.One day in the winter, the island was blanketed by unexpected snow. In the snow tell tale footprints appeared.

Armed men following the imprints went down into the Cave. There, in the cavern, they found a man, a woman and three sons, the fruit of their love.

Xoroi, on seeing himself sorrounded and powerless, threw himself into the sea followed by his eldest son.The sea that had brought him, closed over them both, guarding the mistery of his life.

Inconsolable, the woman and her two sons were taken to Alaior where they carried on with the rest of their lives, they and their descendents after them.

(text from the Cova d'en Xoroi Website)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mogambo sails around Menorca

£100m super yacht Mogambo was seen yesterday at Cavalleria beach on the North coast of the island.

The Mogambo has five decks, four of them above the waterline. The top deck, or "sky lounge", has a hot tub, gym and a glass roof, and directly below that is the captain's bridge and an outside deck area. The third, main deck has a master suite, a private terrace and an entertainment area, with six cabins for the 12 guests on the fourth deck.

There is also a sauna, steam room, massage room and rain shower, which all open on to a swim platform. In the "tender garage" at the rear of the ship there is a 25ft inflatable boat and a 38ft motor yacht.

It was flying a Grand Cayman flag and is registered to George Town, the Caribbean tax haven's capital.

As our customers know, the policy of discretion that our company keeps does not allow us to provide details on whether some of our guests have been seen on board. Maybe there are only rumours.

Superyachts Mogambo website