Friday, March 22, 2013

Talatí de Dalt

Talatí de Dalt is one of the most remarkable prehistoric settlements on the island.

Canned several monuments: a plant talayot ​​elliptical conical profile, the taula enclosure, housing sector or houses that conserve deck slabs placed radially and supported on columns (called hypostyle halls) and some caves.

Friars Cowl

Arisarum Vulgare, common name of the Friar's Cowl or Larus , is an herbaceous, perennial, with an underground rizhome plant in the genus Arisarum.

A single leaflike bract (spathe) forms a purplish-brown or olive green striped tube about 5 inches long, with an open upper part helmet or hood-shaped curved forward. It is exceptionally common in Menorca during the wet season. Normally November to April.

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