Saturday, June 15, 2013

An ever-changing landscape

What it was a beautiful green meadow only a few weeks ago, is now a dry wasteland yellow or brown. The summer sun scorches the grass in the fields but life still remains there.

 Round bale of Straw, close to Algendaret.

Algendaró Nou

Berries of Smilax Áspera. Out of season.

Convolvulus althaeoides is a species of morning glory known by the common name mallow bindweed. This flowering plant is native to the Mediterranean Basin, but it is occasionally seen in other areas of similar climate, such as California in the United States, where it has been introduced. This is a climbing perennial plant with solitary flowers on long penduncles. The flower is a funnel-shaped pink bloom 3 or 4 centimeters wide. The leaves are deeply divided into narrow, fingerlike lobes.

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