Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lithica. S'Hostal Quarries

S´Hostal is an area of sandstone quarries located 1km from the centre of Ciutadella on the east side of the island of Menorca. The quarries fell into disuse in 1994 and that same year the association Líthica rented out this site in order to save it from being filled up with rubble and disappearing into oblivion.

The quarries´ main characteristic is their constant contrast and duality. Inside them you can see a very large area with cubic geometry that is a result of mechanical extraction juxtaposed with an area of old quarries where the stone was extracted by hand; it is a real labyrinth of stone and plants where organic forms and a great variety of environments prevail. Líthica´s aim is to rescue these quarries by giving them new life and safeguarding their essence as a labyrinth and a garden.

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