Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stone Curlews and Torre Vella

I saw some stone curlews in the fields close to the Hotel yesterday morning.

The stone-curlew is a crow-sized bird with a large head, long yellow legs and relatively long wings and tail. Active at night, and its large yellow eyes (which give it a "reptilian", or "goggle-eyed" appearance) enable it to locate food when it is dark.

In Menorca is a common bird and in the Summer it is easy to see individuals. They join in small groups in the winter.  Should this meant that it approaches the end of summer already? I hope not as many customers are booked for October.

Despite that, the fields in the island are very dry. And the few storms we have had this summer are not enough to cover Menorca needs of water.

Some barren fields at Torre Vea. Beside Saint Phillipe castle.

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