Sunday, January 26, 2014

Camí de Na Furana

In the days when the Port of Mahon acquired the relevance it once had, around Mahon town some tiny agricultural holdings were stablished. They were small farms where horticultural products to meet the demand of the markets in the city, were grown. In Menorca these sets of small buildings are called Casolanies.

The path of "Na Furana" runs through South San Clement and it is the centerpiece of one of those casolanies. The properties that remain there were no large extensive agricultural holdings like the ones in the center and west of the island, but small and active farms. Today they are mostly  residential used.

The small vaulted structure in the left side of the facade is an old oven. Many of these properties had their own space to bake bread both for their own consumption and that of their neighbors.

 This house is called Ca S'Arader. (Arader's Home)

The job of the "arader" specializes in making plows, barriers, fences, railings, balustrades, stools, tables and benches labrador, tool handles, ladders hortalano, Etc. All handmade traditional craft made almost completely with the wood of the autochthonous tree called ullastre.

Still there are some "araders" in Menorca:
in Ferreries
in Sant Lluis

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