Friday, March 28, 2014

Sa Torre d'en Gaumes

Torre d'en Galmés is a prehistoric site located between Alaior and Son Bou.

The town developed from the start of the Talayotic era (1400 BC)  and expanded until the end of the Roman occupation, after which it was abandoned. Buildings were reoccupied and adapted by Muslim refugees from the Reconquista Period  (reconquest of Spain by Christian kingdoms) until the end of the Muslim occupation of the island.

The town is situated on a small hill which is steeper on its south side. It has clear views over a large stretch of southern coast (and even to the mountains of the next island, Mallorca). As the town grew it expanded southwards, and used a remarkably sophisticated water collection system to collect water coming down the hill in cisterns.

The town was one of the biggest in the Balearic Islands, and its high position overlooked other neighbouring towns.

There are three talayots, and  also a horseshoe shaped enclosure with a characteristic Minorca Taula, Talayotic houses, other buildings used as storage places and a big wall made of large stone around the town.

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