Monday, June 23, 2014


Pallenis spinosa is a beautiful herbaceous biennial plant of  the Mediterranean region that bears bright yellow daisy-like flowers with hard spiny bracts, and is the only member of the small genus Pallenis in Menorca. The large yellow flowers are surrounded by sharply pointed bracts.

Colias croceus is a small butterfly of the Pieridae family, that is, the Yellows and Whites.

The upperside is golden to orange yellow with a broad black margin on all four wings and a black spot near the centre forewing. The underside lacks the black borders and is lighter, with a more greenish tint, particularly on the forewings. In the forewing underside is the same dark spot as on the upperside, but often with a light centre; the hindwing underside has a white centre spot, often with a smaller white or dark dot immediately above it. Sometimes, a row of black dots occurs on the underwings' outer margins, corresponding to where the black border ends on the upperside.

Females differ from the males in having yellow spots along the black borders on the upperside. In a small proportion of females the golden upperside colouration is replaced by a pale cream colour.

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