Friday, August 29, 2014

...getting ready for the party!

In a week or so the Festival in Mahon will start! The town is, in these days, getting ready for it.

UAM Creoula in Mahon Harbour.

UAM Creoula is a training ship of the Portuguese Navy, built in 1937 in the Companhia Uniao Fabril (CUF) shipyards in Lisbon for Parceria Geral de Pescas fishing company. From 1938 to 1973 it was used in the Cod fishing campaigns in Newfoundland and Greenland. Between 1973 and 1979 remain moored in Lisbon until it was bought in 1979 by the Secretary of State for Fishing to become a fishing museum, but during the repairs it was noticed that the hull was in excellent condition, so it was determined that the ship should sail again, therefore it became a Portuguese Navy training ship.

After a couple of days in Mahon Harbour she sailed yesterday destination Algiers.

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