Monday, November 3, 2014

Punta Nati. Ciutadella.

Punta Nati Cape is located further northwest of the island located in the town of Ciutadella. This area is characterized by rocky and barren landscape, impressive precisely because of its hardness. Only a few specimens  of the plant world that survive in this desert-like landscape.

Ecballiuem Elaterium also called squirting cucumber.

The lighthouse, which is a few tens of meters high above the cliffs was built in 1913 as a result of a dramatic shipwrecks, the "General Chanzy "covering the journey Marseille-Algiers that killed more than 200 people and only one survived. The lighthouse, which was inhabited until the second half of the twentieth century, has a white tower, a dome and aluminum flashlight. Also has large housing units for the old lighthouse keeper and a courtyard surrounded by a stone wall. To the right of the lighthouse are the remains of an observatory and a battery built during the civil war.

The coordinates of this lighthouse are: 40 º 3 '0.20 "N 3 º 49' 24,91" E,

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