Sunday, April 26, 2015

Reseda Alba in a gray morning.

After having had a warm and sunny April and now when we are a few days to start the season today the morning has started gray and the temperatures have dropped eight degrees. Fortunately, it seems that only last a couple of days.

Reseda Alba. Its English name is White Mignonette, it is a medium to tall, branched, bushy, hairless plant. Leaves are mostly small, pinnately lobed with one or two pairs of lobes on each side. Flowers are white  with 6 sepals and petals borne in terminal spikes.

It grows in both waste and cultivated land, usually on calcareous soils.

Mignonette flowers are extremely fragrant. It is grown for the sweet ambrosial scent of its flowers. It is used in flower arrangements, perfumes and potpourri. A Victorian favourite, it was commonly grown in pots and in window-boxes to scent the city air. It was used as a sedative and a treatment for bruises in Roman times. The volatile oil is used in perfumery. 

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