Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cales Coves

A sinuous sea inlet has formed these two spectacular bays, which are isolated, virgin, quiet and quite small as well, one has an orientation toward northeast and the other one toward northwest. This coastal corner is characterized by being located between high and steep vertical cliffs, which were used by the first inhabitants of Menorca as necropolis (9th-7th century BC), as you can see in the 90 excavated coves in these rocks, which gave the name to this place. Another characteristic of this beach is the rocky surface and the low influx of visitors, because it is quite narrow and therefore uncomfortable.

The marine and underwater conditions for anchoring boats are excellent, and it is one of the best shelters in the summer for the boats that navigate around the south coast of Menorca, if there is no wind blowing from south-southwest. The ground is sandy in the centre and rocky on the sides, deep and clean, although there is not much place. If the navigator wants to anchor, he is recommended to do so in the north-eastern cove. 

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