Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ceba Marina. Urginea Maritima.

Urginea maritima or Sea squill was also known as Scilla maritima, and is a bulbous plant with spikes of fleshy, starry white flowers, which show yellow centres and green stamens when open. Leaves are upright, green with a bluish bloom, strap-like, with an overall spiky habit, forming a fleshy clump up to 100cm.

Flower spikes come from bulbs after the leaves have gone over in the spring, and mature over the summer into the autumn, the foliage disappearing completely. Bulbs need a dry, well-drained, sun-baked soil, and are half submerged beneath the soil. 

Flower spikes can grow to a metre tall. This is a Mediterranean perennial which is common in Menorca, found on coastal cliffs, mountainous regions, and olive groves. Grow on any sun-baked free-draining stony ground, or in containers, protect from winter wet and hard frost. 

The bulbs which are as large onions often appear disinterred only attached to the ground by their weak fleshy roots.

Although it is considered a plant with medicinal uses, it can be poisonous.

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