Monday, October 5, 2015

Sa Cudia Cremada. The thirty-third Taula.

The Taulas are those T-shaped stone monument that are found scattered around the island.

Archaeologists and researchers who have worked on this subject had cited so far 32 of these monuments, although only 13 remain erect. Now one more have been found at Sa Cudia Cremada.

A methodical excavation will be required to dictate its size, but its authenticity seems it is beyond any doubt

The Talayotic people who created these megaliths never documented the exact purpose of the mysterious stone monuments they left behind. Now, thousands of years later, researchers and archaeologists are trying to identify why they were built.

The Menorcan taulas all share the same basic features. They are set in a horseshoe enclosure with a wall of surrounding stones. Its entrance lays opposite the front face of the stone monument. Another common feature of the taulas is that they generally face a southernly direction with an unobstructed view of the horizon. Additionally, these taulas are unique to the Island of Menorca and located nowhere else in the Balearic Islands.

 A talayot. Part of the same prehistorical village.

The team of archaeologist who had been running this project have made in 2015 a fieldwork and have also launched a crowdfunding campaign. You can get involved in this project and support it in the following link:

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