Monday, January 25, 2016

Almond trees

Encouraged by the temperate Mediterranean climate, the first variety of the island's more than 7,000,000 almond trees timidly begin to bud in late January, a foretaste of the exquisite fields blanketed by white, delicate flowers that burst into bloom between late January and mid-February. Be it in a lone specimen or a riot of flowers, this surprising and omnipresent forerunner of spring is a special treat for visitors.

A closer look at this man-made display of nature reveals in detail the colours of these flowers, which range from the purest white to pink. A unique and guaranteed opportunity for photography lovers to take an unforgettable memory back home with them.

The almond tree is highly revered in some cultures. The tree originated in the Middle East, and is mentioned numerous times in the  Bible.

Althought it is known there were almond trees in Menorca during the muslim period, 900 years ago, the cultivation of almond trees was introduced en masse after phylloxera devastated the Islands' vineyards in the late eighteenth century. Their fruit can be sampled as is, toasted or as part of the island' typical dishes, especially pastries.

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