Thursday, February 4, 2016


In an extremely windy day in which a power failure has left most of the village of Es Castell without electricity, it well worth going out to get some fresh air ...

The Tramontana is a katabatic wind, which is a wind that blows off a mountain system due to the cool denser air at altitude in the mountains sinking, and funnelling off into the coast. Tramontana winds rush down the Pyrenees and crosses the Mediterranean and so, the Balearics. Menorca is particullarly exposed to that wind.

Although these winds are mainly in winter, sometimes they occur in spring and even summer. For those who we like them it is a real spectacle, approaching to the coast to perceive their strength

Sa Mesquida

Cala Tirant
 Brave surfers cant resist the call of the waves.
Cap de Cavallería, on the Horizon.

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