Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Torre Llisa Vell

Although Menorca is just a speck in the vast sea, it has attracted the attention of many archaeologists due to 33 mysterious stone megaliths scattered throughout the island. 

The Talayotic people who created these megaliths never documented the exact purpose of the mysterious stone monuments they left behind. Now, thousands of years later, researchers and archaeologists are trying to identify why they were built.

Torre Llissa is one of the 33 T shaped prehistoric monuments which are unique to the Island of Menorca and located nowhere else in the world. Set in a wilderness on the road to Alaior with a few other sites close by, you'll find the Taula through an archway at the end of a magical country road, where you can smell the ancient lands and some other nature treasures like wild flowers.

 White Wall-Rocket. Diplotaxis Erucoides.

The white wall-rocket is one of the most abundant herbs to be found during autumn and winter in arable land, even though it can be in flower at any time of the year. It germinates rapidly after the first rains, and in few weeks it flowers and covers the fields in white, often coexisting with field marigold (Calendula arvensis) with its orange flowers. Like all Cruciferae it has four petals in the shape of a cross and the leaves are very cut back.

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