Sunday, April 7, 2013

An octopus at Calas Fons

Despite the chilly north wind, the small port of Es Castell, Calas Fons showed today its warmest face. The bars and restaurants are beginning to prepare the summer season and most are already open. The few walkers there have been surprised to see one of the waiters at a popular restaurant capturing an octopus over six kilos.

Mediterranean octopus Octopus vulgaris grows to 25 cm in mantle length with arms up to 1 m long. 
O. vulgaris is caught by bottom trawls on a huge scale off the northwestern coast of Africa. More than 20,000 tonnes are harvested annually.
The octopus hunts at dusk. Crabs, crayfish, and bivalve molluscs (two-shelled molluscs such as cockles) are preferred, although the octopus will eat almost anything it can catch.
Humans eat octopus in many cultures. The arms and sometimes other body parts are prepared in various ways, often varying by species.

 The most popular in Spain. "Pulpo a feira" Galician Style.

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