Friday, April 5, 2013

Regarding Mahon harbour.

The local authorities say the Port of Mahon need to be dredged in order to be more accessible to deep-draft cruisers. It may be true, but the issue has aroused much controversy among citizens in Mahon who are already a little tired of seing that the decisions taken on several issues affect them and somehow often damage what we call the "Menorcan way of living".

The main protest of citizens has not been for the dredging itself, but because it is intended to drop the mud extracted from the seabed in an area near the coast, in front of Cala Rafalet.

Fortunately the local ecologist group (GOB) has lobbied the Environment Prosecution and has managed to paralyze the process until some tests on the sludge have been made.

The port of Mahon, showed a grey solitary aspect, this afternoon, ignoring the controversy that has arisen over the past weeks.

Once a British arsenal, today a Naval Base on the harbour's north shore.

 Cargo ships in the commercial dock

Sheila and Bryce Lyons from Menorca Britannia will take care again this summer of the guided visits to the Golden Farm. 

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