Sunday, April 10, 2016

A misty morning at Binixiquet

Binixiquet is a farm near San Clemente which is perched on a crag under which there is a large number of caves probably used since prehistoric times. In a walking distance there are numerous talayotic settlements such as Binixiquer, Binicalaf and Lloc nou d'es Fasser.

Experts in history and archeology agree that it is an area of the island that had human settlements since the time of the first settlers of Menorca.

 In the area there are many watchtowers also that often, as in this case, were attached to farms and also served as a fortress in case of attack. 

Purple Vetch, Vicia Benghalensis, 

With its beautiful purple flowers this plant is appreciated by farmers, a good green manure plant, it is fairly fast growing, an effective weed suppresser, fixes nitrogen and makes a reasonable bulk. A turquoise-green dye is obtained from the flower

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