Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Hotel del Almirante had a surprise visit from Richard Branson today.  He played tennis with his coach.  Very accommodating chap.  He was very happy to have his photo taken wirh many guests.  Here'a mine. (Judith Lee)

This is a real VIP , Richard Branson came to play tennis, I hovered and he invited me onto court to have a photo, nice chat too, lovely guy. (Sue Wilson)

 Satur is the real VIP! (Reid McKillop)

Long time visitors to Almirante will know that the real VIP's for them are their regular customers. Exciting though isn't it. Two 'celebrities' so far this year. Nicholas Parsons who stayed with his wife, and now Richard Branson just popping in. Makes you wonder who's going to turn up next! (Barry Williams)

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