Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cami de Cavalls. Cala Galdana to Binigaus.

Walking along the coastal path called Cami de Cavalls. About 10 kilometers from Cala Galgana, in the South Coast towards Binigaus and Santo Tomas.

Horse riding at Cala Mitjana.

The first swim of the year. Not a good idea. Water was freezing!

Trifolium Stellatum. 
This Mediterranean plant has short stems and soft hairy leaves and the small white flowers which bloom in Menorca in April and May are held together in rounded heads and each is surrounded by a crimson star-shaped calyx. When in fruit the flower heads with their white soft hairs, look even more like clusters of stars against the backdrop of beach pebbles. The whole plant is prostrate and forms large mats on the upper beach. This plant known as Starry Clover is very rare in the UK. It Flowers in June on the shingle of Shoreham Beach, its only location in the British Isles. This small naturalised ground plant has been known from this area for two centuries (discovered in 1804).

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