Wednesday, April 16, 2014

El Fonduco

1930's Horse ploughin at El Fonduco. The house that once was the home of Admiral Collingwood and that it became the Hotel del Almirante some decades later.


  1. What a fascinating picture. Is that Satur doing the ploughing before starting work in the bar, or maybe his twin brother?! Would love so see any other old images of the house, or from the early days of the hotel. Hello to anyone who remembers us and best wishes to you all for a successful new season. Terry and Christine Hackett.

  2. We certainly remember you, Mr. Hackett and I am also a follower of your activity at Google+.
    As far as I know that gentleman is not Satur. He might have been preparing the bar or showing some of our Guests his cocktail technique skills.
    I have some old pictures of the house and also some of our guests thirty or forty years ago. I promise I will show some. By the way I would like to ask your permission to show the video you've done and upload at youtube in this site. I am pretty sure some of our guests would like to see it.
    Kind Regards,
    Enrique Pons